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We Are trak group

Mike McCullough

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Yund

Chief Growth Officer

Marty Sizemore

Chief People Officer

Denise Garber


Lauren Carney

Office Vibe Specialist

Nora Banoun

Business Development Manager/Staffing Team Lead

Brad Mansfield

Business Development Manager

Rachel Blackburn

Senior Development Manager

Kiva Lockett

Senior Account Manager

Taylor Ballinger

Professional Services Team Lead

James Kim

Accounting Team Lead

Bonnie Pauldine

Senior Recruiter

Kim Prather


Nick Gilkey

Healthcare Team Lead

Cody Richard

Business Development Manager

Taylor Kiss


Danielle Lefton


Tori Bryant

Operations Specialist

Colin Connell

Business Development Manager

Kate Tesla

Senior Recruiter

Daphne Morgan

Client Success Manager

Laura Frye

Senior Recruiter

Rachel Spade


Elise Boeddeker

Senior Recruiter

Elizabeth Kuhn


Eric Wright


Sydney Craycraft

Senior Recruiter

Samuel Gurekovich


Reid Jordan

Business Development Manager

Ariel Howell


Grace Rimele


Miranda Basta


Ella Bowling

Learning and Development Specialist

Jeremy Downs

Senior Recruiter

Kristen Collins


Michelle Kohring

Senior Recruiter

Taylor Kiss


What do you love most about your role at trak?

The thing I love most about being a Recruiter at the trak group is that I get to help people further their professional career. Finding a position that best fits you can be life changing and it is so rewarding to be the person that helps individuals find their perfect fit.

 What is the best piece of advice you give to your candidates and/or clients?

The best piece of advice I can give my candidates is to let your personality shine during interviews. People get so caught up in what they think an employer wants to see that they don’t show the best parts of them in an interview. Being yourself always pays off.