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We Are trak group

Mike McCullough

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Yund

Chief Growth Officer

Marty Sizemore

Chief People Officer

Denise Garber


Kiva Lockett

Senior Account Manager

Nora Banoun

Business Development Manager/Staffing Team Lead

Daphne Gray

Client Success Manager

Elizabeth Kuhn

Senior Recruiter

Paul Collura

Account Manager

James Kim

Director of Accounting & Finance

Colin Connell

Business Development Manager

Elise Boeddeker

Senior Recruiter

Courtney Herrington

Business Development Manager

Nick Gilkey

Healthcare Team Lead

DeMond Menefee

Senior Recruiter

Chandler Zulia

Senior Recruiter

Tyler Molihan

Senior Recruiter

Brad Blair

Senior Recruiter

Amanda Schwyn

Senior Recruiter

Emma Wiese


Kiva Lockett

Senior Account Manager

What do you love most about your role at trak?

What I love most about working at trak is connecting with candidates and helping them navigate their job search. I have been in their shoes so I can relate to the process. I have been with trak for over 8 years so I have a lot of success in helping individuals find the role that is right for them!

 What is the best piece of advice you give to your candidates and/or clients?

My advice for candidates is to be open to the process. You are in the hands of some very talented and experienced recruiters. You are in the driver’s seat and we are here to help you navigate. Trust that we will not steer you wrong.