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Relocating And Rebuilding A Network

Finding a new job can be stressful enough but searching for a new job while living in a different city brings on a whole different set of challenges. A candidate was looking to relocate back to Cincinnati and was eager to find a job in the wealth management industry. An industry she had recently come to love. Unfortunately, the time spent away from Cincinnati caused her professional network to dry up, and it was proving to be difficult to connect with companies in the Cincinnati area.

Enter the trak group! As the partnership began, the candidate’s recruiter introduced her to one of our top-tier wealth management partners in Cincinnati and coached her through the entire process. The interview process is stressful enough without the added challenge of living in a completely different state. Thankfully, the candidate and her recruiter were in constant contact every step of the way. Together, they assessed the pros and cons and discussed the long-term compatibility. It was the open and honest lines of communication that helped all parties remain on the same page throughout the process. The result? A confident offer from the company and acceptance by the job seeker!

The candidate has been happily employed for the last three months and is thriving in her new direct hire role! She and her recruiter formed a significant partnership and continue to keep in touch.

“My recruiter and the trak group were an absolute pleasure to work with. When working with my recruiter, I was in the process of moving states, and she could not have been more helpful and thorough when finding the right career path for me. She listened to my wants, needs and offered helpful suggestions during my interview process. I have been working at my new job for several months, and it is the perfect fit for me. I couldn’t have done this with my recruiter and the trak group alongside me.”

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